Window Cleaning in Shrewsbury

Please call us on 07989 775143 or use the contact us page.

What We Do...

Window & Frame Cleaning

We clean glass on homes, business premises, schools, care homes and offices. We also clean  conservatories, velux windows, stained glass, leaded glass, canopies, signage and cladding. Your windows, frames, sills and doors are cleaned as standard .

Solar Panel Cleaning

Bird excrement and general grime can reduce the effectiveness of your Solar Panels. Cleaning the panels is not a DIY job, and rain leaves behind its own dirt. Using our pure water system we can clean your solar panels effectively and safely to ensure optimum return for your money from your solar panels.

About Us...

1. Safe: Using a water fed pole system means we don't need to use ladders. We can clean windows that a traditional window cleaner cannot reach and work around obstacles that would stop a traditional window cleaner.

2. Reliable: We work on a 6-week rota, so you know when to expect us. Your annual window cleaning bill will be less than with a traditional monthly clean, but your windows will still be cleaned regularly. We text, call or email you the night before we plan to clean your windows and if we can’t make it we will let you know.

3. Affordable: We found the number one complaint against window cleaners in Shrewsbury is that they disappear without notice. This is because they initially under-price work move on when they have found more profitable work. That is not how we work. If you would like to see how affordable and reliable we are, please call us now to arrange a quote.